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Home renovation for reselling it in India at best rates

Home renovation for reselling it in India at best rates

Are you planning to resell your home but not getting optimum return as expected? Is it due to the fact that your home need some renovation here and there? If you have everything in place and still not getting reasonable rates, then maybe it’s time to look around and see if your home need some improvement? You know when a prospective buyer enters the home, it should welcome and attract the buy. Not only just rates, but your prospective buyers should like everything about the home from its vastu to the light, floor, doors, windows and everything else. Some of the most important areas that should be inviting is the kitchen, bathroom, living area and then the bedroom. There are many more factors to retain the class and value of your old home and when you do that, you can get high reselling price for it.

I was struggling to resell one of my properties and then a friend suggested some remedies. He advised us to go for some renovation work and once we did that, I was able to resell my home within 3 weeks. Can you imagine? If you have been struggling in reselling your home, then you may like to check this post and i am sure it will work for you. It’s not a good idea to assume that the buyers can do the renovation of his own according to his preferences, that’s a bad positioning.  You ought to make it presentable by proper renovation before showing it to the prospective buyers and that’s how you can get better return of it.



The kitchen and bathroom are the first things that come into the mind of the people who want to buy your home. Among these two the kitchen is often compared to the heart of the house. Hence when you decide to sell your old home or home, make sure that your kitchen is in good shape in order to get good price for the whole house. So it is better if you focus on your kitchen before turning your focus on other things. But you should also keep in mind not to make it too fancier otherwise people might assume that, they might not be able to afford it at all. Hence just ensure that your kitchen original looks are preserved. Repaint your kitchen walls if required.

Get the basic renovation work done before listing

For other renovation work such as replacing the kitchen faucet set, adding new cabinet, door handles and updating old lighting fixtures with brighter, more energy-efficient ones should be done at first.

You can also give a makeover to your cabinets if they are not in a good shape.  Refurnish the cabinet boxes, and add new doors and drawers in it. Refresh it with a smart color coat of paint over the whole set, and it will look like new. Fresh paint with modern colors will play an important role in doing a makeover of your kitchen. Moreover, paint is a relatively cheaper way for a makeover.

Matching appliances

If your appliances are not matching the entire surrounding of your kitchen, then you should consider replacing your old appliances with new matching ones. The idea is to make your kitchen sellable as a more cohesive looking kitchen makes a huge difference in the buyer’s mind and believe me your kitchen alone can make all the difference and you may end up selling your whole house or home for a handsome amount.


The bathroom is another important part of your house or home. The looks and comfort of your bathroom determines the standard and class of the people residing there. So it is extremely important for you to keep your bathroom in a splendid condition.

An old and discolored bathroom floor can ruin the looks of it. You can try easy-to-apply vinyl tiles or a small piece of sheet vinyl to avoid digging the old floor and reduce your efforts for the renovation work. You can simply install the new floor right over the old one without touching it. Installing a new toilet seat and a pedestal sink are easy and affordable, and they make a huge contribution in renovating the looks of your bathroom.

For your old tub and shower it is recommended to re-grout the tiles and replace any chipped or cracked tiles. A prefabricated tub and shower surround might be a good idea to give your bathroom a new and fresh look. You might require hiring a professional interior designer contractor for installing these fixtures. But you can still save a lot of money by paying for re-tiling your walls and refinish a worn-out tub.

Renovating the bathroom and kitchen will ensure that your 65 % work is done especially in India, people look for these two rooms. As the other rooms can be taken care by them, still for the rest of the rooms like the drawing room, bedroom etc, here are few tips to raise the overall standard of your house.


Good looking floor can add lots of value because it normally attracts people. But if the floor has lost its charm and got discolored you might consider laying good quality carpets in order to manage that. Carpets can play an important role in transforming the looks of your entire room.


The sign of a healthy and wealthy family is a bright and luminous ambience in all the rooms. So the best way to impress the buyer when they come for a visit is to light your rooms with luminous lights that give your room a shining and bright appearance. Install mirrors strategically in your room to amplify the effect of light.


It is very important that you ensure that the entrance to your house or home is taken care before anything else, as this will create the first impression on the buyers mind when they come for a visit. Replace your old door knobs, paint your grills and wooden doors if they look old and discolored.

Take advise

You can consult a good interior designer before starting your renovation work as they will guide you to renovate it in a way such that it draws the attention of the buyers and also be easy on your pocket. They can also suggest the modern ways to renovate and make your home or house sellable for a reasonable price.

Over to you

Reselling of real estate properties also depends on the current market price so no matter how good you renovate your old house or home you cannot raise it above the particular price that is trending currently. So always survey the market price before making your decision on renovation work. Keep account of the ROI. Don’t end up spending more without thinking, or you may end up with no buyer who is willing (or afford) to buy your overrated house or home.


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